Once Upon a Time

What’s better than that? The potential for just everything lies in that opening. Happy endings, great beginnings, surreal interludes, villains, heroes, true love – everything. That has kind of been my story. I have raised seven (yup, seven) children with the love of my life, Jimmy.
How we got there is a story for another day, but it has been a wonderful, crazy, hectic life. In fact, this year, our “baby” just turned 20, so I am even out of the teen business! Well, as they grew and headed off to school, I had time on my hands and began any number of businesses – yes sometimes it’s a journey not a destination.

After more than a few different adventures, I landed in the wedding décor field. Started small, lanterns and accessories, and eventually grew to small signage. That led me to large signage – seating charts and welcome signs. All the while, I was blessed to work with Deborah Minarik Events as a wedding coordinator. This has been a fabulous ride! I discovered I love all things Bridal. I so enjoyed taking my brides and grooms from our first “hello” in a Starbucks to saying “ready?” to the bride in the back of the church as I sent her down the aisle. While it is a business, it is one of the heart – someone trusts you with their most important day! It is touching and terrifying at the same time.

Fast forward to 2020, the year the world closed. I don’t have to tell you that business went from roaring to whimpering in a single week. As all these wonderful couples had to decide how and whether to postpone their best-day-ever, we helped them reschedule, replace and reconfigure their weddings. “Pivot” – I am beginning to hate that word! But that’s what everyone said. You need to pivot your business to adapt to the new normal. So here we are. While Ever Eventful Design and Décor is still here and ready to make anything your heart desires to personalize you wedding, we would like to introduce you to Ever Eventful at Home! I have to confess that I am having a wonderful time plotting, planning and choosing signage and décor for your house (and mine)! In fact, I have even begun to adjust my wedding signage to more easily make the trip from “party to parlor”.


So I hope you will stay with me and be patient as I journey from one avenue to another. We had such a fabulous time at the wedding, we are thrilled to be heading home with you. 




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